Traditionally we are an authentic production company, but you don’t see much of that nowadays, which we mean in a positive way. Our focus is on state-of-the-art metalworking, advanced digitalization, automation and sustainability. In addition, we offer even more capabilities and added value for clients since our acquisition of GFM. We now also belong to the very best in respect of CNC machining.read more



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We eat, sleep and breathe sheet metal, frames and assemblies. Client requests range from small one-off and simple series to prototyping and long-running -often complex- projects. Think, make and organize are always central. But, our focus varies according to individual client needs. Not a client yet? You’re missing out! No challenge is too big for us, whether complex or international. Our sales team is at your service. Contact details: sales@wilvogroup.com 


solar panels

We have installed over 2,300 solar panels on our production facilities.

We installed over
1.800 solar panels on
our commercial building.

Part of WILVO


In September 2020 GFM was acquired by WILVO. GFM is an absolute top player in the field of CNC machining and is a key supplier to large OEMs nationally and abroad. With this addition WILVO can serve OEMs even better in respect of complete assemblies.read more


WILVO Group strengthens its leading and distinctive position with this strategic acquisition and can now serve OEMs even better in the field of complete assemblies. In addition, ITEQ is active in new market segments for WILVO. The acquisition is therefore fully aligned with the growth strategy; achieve the desired -healthy- growth both organically and through acquisitions. Rob Lemmens (CEO WILVO): We simply get even more striking power.

The fact that ITEQ has a renowned engineering department completes the circle. An absolute addition to WILVO’s current range of services, which is fully geared to the pillars ‘think’, ‘make’ and ‘organize. From now on we can support both existing and new customers at top level in the field of design and engineering assignments. With this, WILVO really goes from drawing board to assembled product, all within one group. With WILVO you win.


With this strategic acquisition, WILVO GROUP is focusing on extreme precision in the field of machining. The acquisition (the third after GFM in 2020 and ITEQ in 2021) makes the range of services even more complete and forms a solid foundation for WILVO’s future-proofing. The acquisition is also fully aligned with the growth strategy; achieve the desired -healthy- growth both organically and through acquisitions. Rob Lemmens (CEO WILVO): “We have been a ‘customer’ of Van Den Broek for many years and that is of course not without reason.
They operate in a niche market and are really the top segment in it. Moreover, Van Den Broek occupies a strong position in the medical technology market.

The combination of all this is the primary reason for us to take over Van Den Broek. We are not only concerned with opportunities in the market, but also with the next level precision that we are now joining. We are very much looking forward to working with the new colleagues, customers and partners of Van Den Broek.”



Rob Lemmens
Chief Executive Officer
Dennis Geerings
Chief Operating Officer
Michiel Sweere
Chief Financial Officer

Proud sponsor of.

WILVO x monster energy Yamaha Factory

Ambition takes us further. Our work is top class, day in and day out. We are making our mark nationally and internationally and showing that we are a force to be reckoned with. We operate at the highest level. It is no coincidence that we are the proud principal sponsor of the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP team, which includes Glenn Coldenhoff.

Like WILVO, the Yamaha Factory MXGP team symbolizes the ambition and drive to always be the best. But that is not all we have in common. Like us, the MXGP team is authentically Dutch in heart and soul, they are also continually busy improving, seeking the optimal balance between man and machine, they rely on teamwork, and they also strive for total domination of the world stage. You can read more about the Yamaha Factory MXGP team at: www.mxgpyamaha.com

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