Early supplier involvement
The knowledge level of our employees is high. We use this knowledge to support customers in the proto phase. This applies to all machining competences that we have in-house. Our customers know that we can perform almost any machining operation. We make the unmanufacturable … makeable.

Proces engineering
Based on a combined interest, we map out the needs of the customer in order to ultimately arrive at the most optimal production process. Available files and customer specifications are leading and the elaboration by our engineers is always of the highest level.

Value engineering
As far as we are concerned, things can always be better. We also like to look at how a product can be produced in the most cost-efficient way. We do this in close consultation with the customer, with 24/7 production always being the starting point. Collaboration is the key to success for us in all of this. Let GFM think, because no challenge is too big for us.


At GFM we run a wide variety of materials. This may concern aluminium, brass, steel, stainless steel, titanium and tool steel. In addition, with our extremely advanced machinery – which can run 24/7 – completely independently and therefore unmanned – we can also process various types of plastic and other materials.

We mill metal and various types of plastic. We can ‘machine’ these materials in 3, 4 and 5-axis.

We invest a lot in quality control. Given the increasing degree of complexity from customer demand, control has become even more important. This means that we also continuously invest in the knowledge level of our people and tools and processes in order to guarantee the highest possible quality. We do this with offline software and advanced measuring machines (CMM).


We work – together with customers – at the highest level. The emphasis is on together. Because by working together and listening to each other, we create peace of mind in production. That peace of mind then ensures optimal results and satisfaction for everyone.

As an organization and on a personal level, we want to continue to develop ourselves. This way we remain state of the art in the field of process and technology and on a human level. For us it is always about the combination.

We seek cooperation with everyone within our own supply chain. Ultimately, it is all about the perfect support towards the customer. That is why we use specific expertise to organize logistics processes in a way that guarantees effectiveness and efficiency.

projects with a focus on think, make or organize.


Henk Tils
Managing Director
Tim Helsper
Manager Finance & HR
Kevin Brugman
Manager Production


Arjan Borrenbergs
Sales Engineer
Mark Thijssen
Sales Engineer
Birthe Schouten
Dorien van Straten

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