Intelligent and practice-based development.
From manufacturing engineering to complex co-engineering of parts, supported by the latest 3D software.


A sharp eye for today’s craftmanship.
Occasionally conventional using authentic craftsmanship but mainly with the aid of our state-of-the-art fleet of machinery.


Together we outrun all the competiton.
Fully focused on digitalization and supply chain optimization. From cost estimation and design to production and logistics.

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As a first-tier supplier, we want to manage the entire supply chain. This means that we also take our responsibility when it comes to sustainability. Together with our partners within the supply chain, we are continuously investigating the possibilities of developing more activities within sustainability. Within WILVO Group, we see this theme – and the development of a circular economy – as an essential part of the future-proofing of the companies within WILVO Group. At the bottom of the line, sustainability is a dynamic process that we implement together with customers and suppliers.

With WILVO Group Nature Wins!

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We installed over
2.900 solar panels on
our production facilities.


WILVO Group – with all companies based in the Netherlands – is a leading supplier of metal components for high-tech applications and fast-growing end markets. Combining co-development and engineering capabilities, a comprehensive range of manufacturing technologies and services, including cleanroom assembly, WILVO Group is able to provide customers with a full range of solutions (think, make and organize). Including additional operations through which we deliver unique production technologies and services. All this from ten state-of-the-art production and service facilities, seven of which are in the heart of the Dutch high-tech industry.

Wilvo Group has built far-reaching and long-term partnerships with customers based on a unique combination of production and process technologies, value-added services and reliable production on an industrial scale. All is aimed at high-mix & low-volume and consistently high accuracy and precision. The latter is essential for developing extremely accurate components.

We’re proud & obsessed

multi-technology capabilities
Within WILVO Group we offer multi-technology capabilities in the form of precision manufacturing capabilities for an extensive range of applications. We also meet all application requirements of leading OEMs (e.g. cleanroom assembly).

value-add services
WILVO Group takes direction and control -or think, make and organize- over the entire design and production chain, from cost estimate and design to production and assembly, including labeling and logistics process (real-time stock support). We also have an in-house engineering team (read more) of 25 FTEs driving significant innovation and long-term partnerships and co-development relationships with customers. This contributes to an optimal design for our customers, in which functionality, sustainability and cost-effectiveness are always the starting point. WILVO Group sees co-engineering and development services as a tool to establish long-term production on an industrial scale. Maintenance and refurbishment are also important within our value-added services. In this way we realize cost savings and unnecessary waste. You can read more about sustainability within WILVO Group here. Finally, offering full product lifecycle management, including joint development and engineering, industrial-scale manufacturing, cleanroom assembly, quality control, maintenance and refurbishment, logistics and integrated solutions, is an increasingly important value-add service within WILVO Group.

industrial-scale production
Reliable industrial-scale production and short lead times are essential for customers who rely on WILVO Group as a single source for critical components. We use highly automated production capabilities and have state-of-the-art machinery and production facilities that enable us to develop and manufacture components and solutions for our customers 24/7. Including assembly of specific machine parts to large assembled system modules. The highest quality is always guaranteed through strict measurements, tests and tolerances.

50.000+ m² production

500+ Fte’s

100+ CNC-machines

24/7 production

ISO 9001 and 14001 certified

1700 m² cleanroom facilities


Not a client yet?
The supply world is dynamic and has a great diversity of industries. With a critical view of its own organization, WILVO Group anticipates, grows and leads the way. By determining the focus per customer and always thinking innovatively.

Always based on one thought: the customer comes first. Traditional factors such as quality, price and delivery time are important for good cooperation. But the added value of WILVO Group lies in many more things that determine a successful relationship. Multi-technology capabilities, value-add services, industrial-scale production, logistics knowledge, automation, chain integration, flexibility, an extensive supply chain and financial stability are factors that make WILVO Group an important supplier to a wide range of customers, including a number of large OEMs.


Rob Lemmens
Chief Executive Officer
Dennis Geerings
Chief Operating Officer
Michiel Sweere
Chief Financial Officer
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