We are ITEQ- part of WILVO Group. High-tech performer and product creator, fully focused on business software integration and optimization. From cost estimation and design to production and assembly. Including labeling and the logistics process. Indeed, we take control over the entire supply chain. No challenge is too big for us, whether complex or international. ITEQ will make it happen … Let us think, make and organize. We promise this will make you successful.


The customer is fully included in the development process from the first sketch to the delivery of a fully working prototype with associated tests. The cooperation with the production companies within the Group ensures flexibility. This enables ITEQ Engineering to switch quickly in order to immediately respond to the wishes of its customer.


We aim for a long-term relationship with our customers, according to the contract manufacturing principle. This means that we enter into long-term commitments, orders or framework contracts with our customers and deliver the products on demand in small batches. Our customer periodically receives (small) series with a high degree of repetition. Where customers commit to us, we deliver optimal performance.

think becomes a win for

EVBox involves ITEQ early in the development of a new product. In the context of state of the art design, optimal manufacturability and continuity in reproducibility, ITEQ has initiated the entire development and production process of the IQON product. An optimal design means an optimal production process and an optimal delivery performance, in other words a win-win.

projects with a focus on think, make or organize.

proud sponsor of.

ITEQ x Sparta Nijkerk

With a strong team, progressive software and high-quality machinery, ITEQ practices top sport in technology. Sparta Nijkerk, based in Nijkerk, plays football at the second highest amateur level in the Netherlands and has the ambition to reach the highest amateur level. This is where the ambitions of ITEQ and Sparta Nijkerk intersect, wanting to reach the highest level every day.

As a company, we believe in giving back to our community and supporting the development of local talent. Through our sponsorship, we hope to encourage physical activity and a healthy lifestyle while strengthening our relationship with our community. We can’t wait to see the incredible ambitions of this association and we are honored to be a part of their journey


Martijn Engwerda
Operations Director
Menno Bos
Commercial Director
Marc Nanninga
Financial Director

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