As a first-tier supplier, we want to manage the entire supply chain. This means that we also take our responsibility when it comes to sustainability. Together with our partners within the supply chain, we are continuously investigating the possibilities of developing more activities within sustainability. Within WILVO Group, we see this theme – and the development of a circular economy – as an essential part of the future-proofing of the companies within WILVO Group. At the bottom of the line, sustainability is a dynamic process that we implement together with customers and suppliers.

With WILVO Group Nature Wins!

We do everything we can to be self supporting when it comes to energy consumption. We use solar panels, geothermal heat and heat recovery. In addition, all our industrial waste is separated and processed in a sustainable manner. ‘Key’ within the sustainability philosophy of WILVO Group is the refurbishment of investment goods or products made by us. We give products a second life and bring them back to the desired level. We simply make them ‘like new’. This enables our customers to postpone (re)investments, because the lifespan/cycle of products is significantly extended. We also take a critical look at the packaging material: can we work with returnable packaging? Or can we reuse packaging?

“With smart interventions towards a 30% energy reduction.”

We see reducing our C02 footprint as the biggest and most important challenge.

Together on the way to 2030

In 2022, WILVO Group has tightened up our environmental objectives towards 2030. Creating and monitoring safe and environmentally sound working conditions is central and forms an important part of our general organizational policy. All objectives are derived from WILVO Group’s brand proposition (think, make and organize). Achieving our environmental objectives is the responsibility of everyone working within WILVO Group. The management takes the lead in this. It is then up to the employees to carry out the work within their own functional area in accordance with the established procedures and working methods. In addition, we motivate our employees to continuously look at and be open to improvement and optimization. Because only together can we successfully implement our environmental objectives towards 2030.


By involving employees in – and making them part of – our sustainable initiatives and the progress we are making, we want to increase awareness in the field of Sustainable Thinking.


We want to reduce our waste streams by 25% in 2025 and 50% in 2030. We are taking major steps to achieve our objectives. For example, all our industrial waste is separated and processed in a sustainable manner and we take a critical look at the packaging material. Two of the five companies within WILVO Group are already ISO 14001 certified (WILVO and ITEQ). The other companies will follow in the near future.


We see reducing our C02 footprint as the biggest and most important challenge. After all, it is the main goal of the climate agreement and necessary to prevent global warming from exceeding 1.5 degrees Celsius. We therefore want to reduce our CO2 by 25% in 2025 and 50% in 2030.

Less kWh consumption

We have replaced the conventional lighting (WILVO HQ) with LED lighting, saving 355,000 kWh on an annual basis. This forms about 65% of the energy consumption of our lighting.

Reduction of energy consumption

We have invested in Sensorfact sensors. An energy management system for the (manufacturing) industry. With the help of smart software, we gained more insight into our energy consumption. By completely switching off machines that used to be on standby during the night, we reduce our energy consumption by 40%.

Recycled components

Within WILVO Group’s sustainability philosophy, the refurbishment of investment goods is extremely important. We give products a second life and bring them back to the desired level. We currently refurbish 10% of the products we make.

We use an adiabatic climate system to cool our production facility

Sustainable cooling and heating

At WILVO Group we have invested heavily in energy-saving measures within our production facility over the past year. In the field of cooling and heating, for example, we work with an adiabatic climate system for cooling and a WTW installation (heat recovery system) to heat our production facility. We use the heat output of our machine park for this. In the coming years, WILVO Group will focus on being as self-sufficient as possible in the field of climate control.


No more waste | CEO Rob Lemmens a guest in the Philips stadium

On November 15, our CEO, Rob Lemmens, was a guest at the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven to share the success of our joint “No More Waste” initiatives with more than 500 ASML employees. Rob explained, among other things, how WILVO has been successfully giving new life to transport tools and flight containers for ASML for over 20 years. The possibilities for further expanding these circular processes were also discussed … , so it was named that since 2018 all so-called fixation lockings (hardware to secure critical parts during transport) after use by ASML, are returned to WILVO for refurbishment. An accelerated implementation of this process contributes enormously to our joint “No More Waste” ambitions. In 2019, WILVO already received recognition for its contribution through ASML’s “Circular Economy Award”. Since then, the activities have expanded even further.

Davy Schiricke QHSE manager

Working at WILVO with a focus on sustainability “We aim high with absolutely everything. From investments in the machinery to making our company more sustainable. WILVO really wants to play an essential role in the supply chain when it comes to energy saving and reducing waste streams, for example. We are also happy to include our customers and suppliers in this.”

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