At The HUB we understand the essence of the concept by determining the direction, goals and decisions together with the customer. This includes crucial aspects such as market positioning, target group segmentation, differentiation, product development and optimizations. This collaboration minimizes the chance of subsequent adjustments, resulting in a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Product strategy
Together we determine the direction, goals and decisions regarding the product, including positioning in the market, segmentation of the target group, differentiation from competitors, product development, pricing, distribution channels and marketing communications.

Concept development
The process of generating, refining and evaluating ideas to create innovative concepts that meet the needs of the target group. Various aspects such as functionality, aesthetics, technology, user-friendliness and feasibility are taken into consideration, with the aim of creating a unique and successful concept for a product or system.


During our process, the customer is actively involved from sketch to working prototype, making continuous adjustment possible. Our designers and engineers work closely together internally, so that the product not only looks good but is also easy to manufacture. This is one of the major advantages of The HUB that allows our customers to gain an advantage. As part of the WILVO Group, our engineers and designers are also in direct contact with production companies and have detailed knowledge.

The search for the right balance between aesthetics, functionality and user experience, involving aspects such as shape, ergonomics, choice of materials, user-friendliness and sustainability, with the aim of creating products that are both functional and visually attractive.

Inventing, designing, analyzing, creating and improving products in 3D. The HUB team uses the latest technological developments in production techniques and materials knowledge to create the most suitable products for you. We use different materials such as metal or plastic to develop the right (complete) product.

In-house prototyping
We create functional, testable and often scalable models or representations of a product or system. With a prototype you can validate the concept, test functionality, evaluate user experiences and identify and solve any problems early. It plays a crucial role in the iterative development process to ultimately achieve an optimized and successful end product.


The lack of structured project management can lead to ambiguities and delays for customers. At The HUB we overcome this through structured project management, clear communication and proactive coordination. Our goal is an efficient partnership, where projects run smoothly and unnecessary complications are avoided, giving customers more control.

Supply chain know-how
As part of WILVO Group, we have a strong network of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and customers. Together we ensure optimal speed and quality. Moreover, there is knowledge sharing, so that our engineers know exactly what is possible in production. This way we reduce costs and create a competitive advantage for you.

Serial production
The HUB enables companies to produce at scale, reduce costs, ensure consistency and meet market demands. The HUB organizes stock management with the Group, ensures next-day delivery, and ensures that everything meets your requirements and wishes.

think becomes a win for

A simple cleaning cart became a unique work truck. The HUB developed a beautiful work trolley in collaboration with Asito: ergonomic, representative and durable. The design was recorded in collaboration with ‘Lumen Designer Network’. It became a multifunctional work trolley, or cleaning trolley, that seamlessly fit into its surroundings in terms of design. This gave the cleaning process a real face and was no longer seen as a necessary evil. This work trolley is not only beautiful, but also extremely functional due to the developed control unit. The work truck can be stationed unattended at Schiphol, for example, since it can only be opened with an RFID tag. A development process to be proud of.

projects with a focus on think, make or organize.

proud partner of.

The HUB x Quiosk

In a brilliant collaboration with Quiosk, a pioneer in retail design, The HUB set a new standard by executing a redesign that was both cost-efficient and aesthetically refined. Through a proper focus on manufacturability, cost-efficient production and knowledge in the supply chain, The HUB discovered critical points for improvement.

Determined to reduce costs by more than 20% without compromising the unique design, the team implemented innovative solutions and advanced technologies. The result? A redesign that not only reduced costs, but also improved efficiency and sustainability, while maintaining Quiosk’s brand identity. This success not only meant significant financial savings, but also room for investment in innovation and growth. The project served as an inspiring example of collaboration and creative problem-solving in the industry, setting a new standard for success in retail design.

With The HUB you win!


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Operations Director
Menno Bos
Commercial Director
Marc Nanninga
Financial Director

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