In September 2020 GFM was acquired by WILVO. GFM is an absolute top player in the field of CNC machining and is a key supplier to large OEMs nationally and abroad. With this addition WILVO can serve OEMs even better in respect of complete assemblies.

They specialize in specific machine parts up to ‘shoebox’ size. Machining of less than a hundredth of a millimeter is the rule rather than the exception for GFM. Like WILVO, GFM is located in Bergeijk where they operate from an ultra-modern production facility with an impressive fleet of machinery.



GFM’s services are focused on client orders of specific machine parts in the form of CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Post-Production and Quality Control. In addition, they supply single units, series and repetitive series. Because the fleet of machinery can operate completely independently and unmanned 24/7, GFM offers more than adequate reliability of supply. That is necessary, after all, a promise is a promise.


“Machining of less than a hundredth of a millimeter is the rule rather than the exception for GFM. The ultimate guarantee for an exceptional level of precision of components and machine parts.”


  • Repetitive series
  • Starting material (max 30 kg / product)
  • Milling & turning of shoebox size parts
    Milling: 600x600x250 mm
    Turning: 200mm radius/300mm length
  • Minimum order: 10 units
  • Clients with their ‘own product’ but no in-house machining facilities
  • All machinable materials, except cast iron and tungsten carbide



GFM’s exceptional level of precision is highly valued by the packaging industry, specialist mechanical engineering industry, semiconductor industry and metal industry.

Machinery specifications

CNC milling
  • 11 CNC milling machines with a max. range of 600x600x250mm
    (for the production of small series)
  • 3 horizontal CNC milling machines with FMS line
    (60 pallets unmanned series production)
  • 3 to 5-axis
  • 24/7 unmanned
  • Single units, series and repetitive series


CNC Long-turning machine
  • CNC long-turning machine with bar feeder for unmanned production


We use the most advanced measuring apparatus to guarantee our quality.

  • Conditioned measuring rooms
  • Digital altimeters
  • 3D-projectors and measuring machines

Extra added value

  • Cleaning, packing and labeling in accordance with the Grade 4 standard
  • Mechanical assembly (manufactured and purchased parts)
  • Specialist post-production treatments of various types of metal
  • Measuring room equipped with 2 x 3D-measuring machines
  • Robot for unmanned ‘packing’


High-tech machines are all well and good. Naturally, GFM would be nothing without high quality materials. These come from suppliers -or rather, partners- that are just as reliable as GFM. An extension, dynamic and decisive.

part of the best part

GFM’s people are what make GFM. They work with great energy and satisfaction day in and day out. At present, 45 employees are part of the best part of GFM.

Production floorspace and growth potential

  • GFM has 3,200 m2 of production floorspace
  • 1,000 m2 floorspace is available for further growth at the existing site
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